If your child is exhibiting some of the behaviors listed below, he or she may have
ASD and benefit from ABA Therapy:

  • Difficulty Interacting With Others
  • Unable to Interpret Facial Expressions
  • Speaks in a Monotone Voice
  • Difficulty Understanding “Unspoken” Social Rules
  • Avoids Direct Eye Contact
  • Anti-Social Behavior
  • Obsessive Interests and Behaviors
  • Frequently Repeating Words
  • Extremely Resistant To Changes in Daily Routines
  • Unresponsive To Touch Or Expressions Of Affection

In the event of an ASD Diagnosis from an MD or psychologist – and a recommendation for ABA Therapy – Master Faster will guide you through each step of the process – everything from verifying proper insurance coverage to developing and implementing your child’s program.

Our professionals will gauge your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses, and custom-design a program precisely geared to his or her needs. Skills mastered in one area of life, such as in school, do not always translate to other environments such as home; children must also learn to cope outside the classroom. Master Faster will employ a variety of therapies to help your child succeed in life.