We provide ABA Therapy

A scientifically proven method to help children with ASD achieve their full potential

  • Home-based ABA therapy that’s personalized, compassionate, and effective.
  • 5-15 hours each week of one-to-one therapy supervised by a BCBA.
  • Helping your child achieve targeted goals in such areas as independent self-care, daily living skills, play skills, social communication skills, and more.
  • Servicing the tri-state area.
  • Services covered by many insurance plans.
The Challenge

The Challenge

If your child is exhibiting some of the behaviors described below, he or she may suffer from ASD and benefit from ABA Therapy.

The Solution

The Solution

ABA Therapy is a scientifically proven method to bring about meaningful and positive changes in behavior.

The Process

The Process

Master Faster has a proven track record of helping children master critical life skills and conduct productive, fulfilling lives.

Client Comments

Client Comments

ABA has proven to have a high rates of success in teaching fundamental skills to individual with ASD.

The Challenge
  • Difficulty Interacting With Others
  • Demonstrating Anti-Social Behavior
  • Frequently Repeating Words Or Phrases
  • Unresponsive To Touch Or Expressions Of Affection
  • Can’t Properly Use Tone Of Voice - Very Monotone
  • Avoiding Direct Eye Contact With Other People
  • Displaying An Obsessive Interest In Any One Object
  • Resistant To Changes In Daily Routines
  • Unable to Accurately Read Facial Expressions
  • Have Difficulty Understanding Hidden Rules Of Society
The Solution

Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures.
ABA Therapy is a scientifically proven method that uses principles and techniques to bring about meaningful changes in behavior. Some people contend that ABA teaches children to be robotic; that’s a misconception. It’s all reliant on the proficiency of the therapists teaching it.

Simply put, skills are broken down into small steps, and the child is given recurring opportunities to learn and practice these skills. ABA therapy can be provided in structured sessions, naturally occurring activities, or contrived situations. A BCBA designs an ABA Treatment Plan and then trains and supervises the ABA therapists.

Because every child has his or her own set of educational challenges, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. We embrace the diverse rainbow of colors which comprise the spectrum of ASD and works closely with your child to bring about positive changes in behavior... in a most radiant way.

The Process

Having a child diagnosed with ASD can be very challenging, but there’s hope. Master Faster has an exemplary track record of helping children across New York State master critical life skills and conduct productive, fulfilling lives. The key is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy – a highly recommended and clinically validated method used to teach children with autism.

Featuring high rates of success in teaching fundamental skill to individual with ASD, ABA is now covered by many health insurance policies when there is an official ASD diagnosis present as a primary or secondary diagnosis. Our skilled therapists can thoroughly evaluate your child and customize an intervention program to meet his or her skills, needs and preferences.

Here is a basic outline of the ABA methods we use to help each child:


We observe your child’s behavior in different settings to formulate an accurate understanding of his current strengths and weaknesses.


We assess your child’s level of function through formal testing.


We work with your child on life skills according to your child’s needs; programs may include goals such as tying shoes, grocery shopping, brushing teeth, personal hygiene, learning how to have a conversation with siblings, neighbors and friends, and related tasks.


We will train your family to deal with problematic behaviors, and how to apply newly acquired skills.


We develop and customize a treatment plan with appropriate goals.


We track and report your child’s progress on an ongoing basis.

Client Comments

Client Testimonials

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