Master Faster is an organization founded in 2012 to service families in the community who have children diagnosed with ASD – which may have previously been classified as Autism, PDD or Asperger’s Syndrome.  Children with ASD have a unique way of processing information and, as a result, may act very differently than others in their peer group.

We specialize in providing individualized ABA Therapy and other therapeutic services in the convenience of your home or other settings of choice.We provide a comprehensive individualized treatment plan that considers the needs of both child and family. Our detailed treatment plans target goals in every area of development where your child needs help, such as OT, PT, Speech Communication, Feeding, Social, ADL Skills, etc.

Our primary goal at Master Faster is to help children diagnosed with ASD to master the game of life. We enable these children to build their skills across the board via the validated method of ABA Therapy.

By embracing a comprehensive assortment of integrated therapies and aiding parents in making the therapy financially possible, Master Faster equips children who suffer from ASD with the essential tools required to create happier, healthier, and more independent futures for them.